GOOD PARTY! at Harbinger, Reykjavik, November 1st 2014

The publication of the book Words Don't Come Easy was celebrated with Good Party!
- a night of performances and happenings by Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir (IS), Jón Örn Loðmfjörð (IS),
Kolbeinn Hugi (IS), Simon Buckley (UK) and Vilda Kvist (SE)

TAVERNA at Hemliga Trädgården, Stockholm, June 7th 2013

Shirley Valentine did not come back to her husband after she had been on vacation in Greece. She was a working class housewife from Liverpool and up to that point her only experience of travelling had been walking up and down the stairs
in her apartment complex, sometimes going as far as the supermarket. 
Shirley rediscovered herself when travelling abroad for the first time, finally she was able to express her lost desires with
the help of the comforting environment of the local Taverna and a Greek waiter that taught her that boat is boat and fuck
is fuck. 
When her husband arrives at the Taverna, with the intention to get her back home, he passes a table by the sea where Shirley is sitting with a mug of wine and two glasses. 
*Joe: I did not recognise you. 
*Shirley: I know! I used to be the mother and the wife but now I am Shirley Valentine again. Would you like to join me for
a glass of wine?
*Joe: Sure! 
Open ending, cue romantic music. 

Funny this love, it suddenly allows people to treat you worse than the people they only like.

This evening was the third in a series of events used as an editorial process for the book, previously FUMF have hosted evenings in Reykjavík, Galtarviti lighthouse in Iceland and in Oslo, Norway. FUMF invited artists to contribute to with performance based work e.g. in the format of verbal presentations or more choreography based pieces. The artists invited explore different subjects while using text as a medium and a tool. Text is used in various ways, whether it is hidden or visible, preparatory or the final result.

Performances by:
> Anna Ihle
> Carolina Billvik + read by Alexander Alvina Chamberland
> Carolina Nylund 
> Caroline Näslund 
> Jens Strandberg, with, by & sometimes with help of Kevin Dooley, Maryam Fanni, Sam Kennedy, Bernd Krauß, Zoë Polluch
> Jesper Eklund & Sarah Degerhammar 
> Lisa Gideonsson & Gustaf Londré 
> Sanna Marander 
> Vilda Kvist

  Photos by Lina Kruopyte

FUNTITLED at Sound of Mu, Oslo

Collaboration is a meeting of the minds. The FUMF artists have set out to explore different collaborative working methods in their art practice. The advantage here is that the artists have all known each other since art infancy and play on the same team. The goal in this case is a series of exhibitions and projects that will manifest in a publication, where the process of working together and the journey itself creates a joint narrative.

The exhibition in Sound of Mu is an attempt for a visual narration of a process that has just begun. For the exhibition Funtitled, the artists have installed and compiled their shared visual material for the upcoming publication. The outcome is a prose where the attempt for rhyme is prominent but not necessarily successful. It is more along the lines of concrete assonance. You want the images to rhyme so much that you almost ignore the fact the they don’t. But nevertheless, it’s in these attempts that the mutual line is drawn and the collective mind is put on the spot. And the band Toto still rocks and the truth can be discovered in their potent lyrics.

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FUNTITLED: Exhibition view
FUNTITLED: Exhibition opening at Sound of Mu, Oslo, October 6th 2012


Hvaðan rekur viðinn á strandirnar? Þessi tré vaxa ekki í Evrópu, kannski í Kanada eða enn lengra í burtu. Við tölum mikið um það að byggja okkur bát úr rekaviði og láta bátinn reka aftur til fyrri heimkynna, en komum okkur aldrei í það. Finnum okkur alltaf ástæðu til þess að liggja frekar yfir bókum og blaðri, tarotspilum sem við kunnum engin skil á eða ljóðunum hans Steinarrs.

Where does the driftwood come from? These types of trees do not grow in Europe, maybe in Canada or even further away? We talk a lot about building a boat out of the driftwood and make it drift home again, but we never find the time to do so. We always seem to create a reason to read books instead or discuss the little things, try to decipher the meaning of the tarot cards or read further in to Steinarr's poems.

EKKI ERU ALLIR FIRÐIR EINS: Exhibition opening at Gallerí Klósett, Reykjavík, July 20th 2012
Residency at Galtarviti Lighthouse, Westfjords, Iceland, June 2012
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